Heart Screening

Screening Packages

Cardiac screenings are important to determine if a patient's heart is functioning healthily and detect risk factors in early stages. Our heart clinic offers various affordable health screening packages. In addition, we can also customise packages tailored to your needs. Speak with us to learn more

Standard Heart Screening

1. Standard and Enhance Health Screening

Our standard and enhance health screening packages are general health screening for individuals who are generally healthy and have not had any major health issues at present. Suitable for ages 40 years old or younger.

  • Ace Cardiology Standard & Enhance Health Screening Package (ALL PRICES EXCLUDE GST)
  • Comprehensive Heart Screening

    2. Comprehensive Health Screening

    Our comprehensive health screening package is a detailed health and cardiovascular health screening for individuals who are concerned if they have any risk factors affecting white future health as they age; for individuals who may have family history of diabetes / hypertension / cholesterol problems / stroke / heart disease; for those who have put off their health check-up for some time; and for those concerned if they have any coronary artery disease or narrowing. Suitable for ages 40 years old and above.

  • Ace Cardiology Comprehensive Health Screening Package (ALL PRICES EXCLUDE GST)
  • The best way to prevent heart disease is understanding and managing your risk factors. For many people, this can be as simple as scheduling an annual check-up with your cardiologist.
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