Second Opinion

Do you need a heart second opinion?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a heart condition, it is essential to consider every alternative. Our team will spend the time to help you understand your options and to customize a care plan specifically for you. A second opinion can ease your mind, possibly prevent an unnecessary procedure, or provide you with an alternative option to consider.

Questions to ask when getting a second opinion on your heart diagnosis

The cardiologist you see for a second opinion will need to see your medical records. So, make sure you have them forwarded. Or, you can ask for copies from your current doctor and bring them with you.

The questions you ask will be specific to your concerns and situations. Write down all the questions you have so that you remember each one during your appointment.

Second opinion with a Singapore Heart Doctor
  • 1.What are possible alternatives to the diagnosis?
  • 2.What does the diagnosis mean for my family and lifestyle?
  • 3.What are my treatment options?
  • 4.What are the risks and benefits of treatment?
  • 5.What might happen if I don’t get treatment?
  • 6.What are alternatives to the treatment?
  • 7.Are there side effects to the medication?
  • 8.Should I change anything in my lifestyle to improve my outcome?
  • 9.Do you have experience in managing my condition?
When faced with a new heart disease diagnosis, you can benefit from a cardiac second opinion. This valuable service allows you to know that your diagnosis is correct and provides information about your treatment choices.
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