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Dr Ang Teck Kee
Dr Ang Teck Kee

M.B.B.S (Singapore), MRCP (UK) M.Med (Singapore)

Dr Ang Teck Kee is a dedicated and established cardiologist in Singapore with 20 years of clinical experience. Fluent in English, Mandarin and various dialects, he has worked with both local and international patients to develop individualised treatment plans for their best possible outcome.

Dr Ang is a strong believer of using the latest technological advances in Cardiology in his practice. He has sub specialty training in interventional cardiology and has performed more than 3,000 invasive coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary intervention.

Apart from his interest in complex coronary intervention, his other interests include stroke prevention in at risk cardiac patients with abnormal heart rhythms (example: atrial fibrillation).

Dr Ang’s passion and belief are in education for both doctors and nurses. Despite his move to private practice, he continues to nurture the younger generation of doctors by returning to KTPH weekly as a Visiting Consultant. (Update: Due to COVID restrictions on inter-hospital movement, this has been temporarily put on hold)

Passionate about the latest advancement in cardiology treatment, Dr Ang is also actively involved in clinical research and was the co-investigator in numerous international and local clinical trials.

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